I Love The Valley, Oh!

Peep our recent happenings from the valley of the shadow of death!

We took a nice hike to an old spot.

"I'm a ditch, I'm a lover."

"Let's go skate Culver City." I guess Mr. Mikey is too good for this spot now. Ha! 

The laziest photographer I know.

Ledge dreams.

Chippy lines all day.

 "Let's go to Culver already dude..." -Michael Leon

Ryan on the lurk, not on it with the coverage! What happened to the blog, dog?

Then finally we missioned back towards Culver City.

 Now he skates...

What you got on that pole jam over chain, son!

 The kind of rail Mikey would love.

These fools decided to sit this one out.

Legal ramifications against skateboarding? Fuck it, onto the next spot...

Crook bonkers!

"I gotta holla at my boy, Dr. Scholl." - Michael Piwowar

I think it's safe to say we put in a good days work. Well, at least Baby Chris did!