Baby Boomers

Spent one of our last few filming days at a couple of baby rails. What's boomin'!?

Chris control.

Giddy up!

Roy can fly.

If it's hard, grind it.

Round two.

Crookie monster.

Cool beans.


Drive to the end of the world, hike down a cliff, scale a rocky beach, skate a thousand year old shipwreck. Awesome.

So it begins...

Creepin' down the cliff.

The masterpiece.

Tre-flip essentials.

My attempt at being artistically intellectual.

Auby always makin' business calls on the spot.   

Victory pose.

Worth it for sure.

House Of Homies

Last week a lot of good homies came through to House of Drops watch some high class hucking go down.

Got the ramp session quickly crackin'..

D.I.Y. smith stall.

Tap the wall, pump and stall.

Spectating, chatting, chillin'.

Maloofin' it.

Who's down to take on the beast?

Dorsey Days

Just some good ol' friends havin' some good ol' fashion fun. Phil and Jason have been killin' it lately.

Friends forever. <3

An O.G. spot I've been waiting to skate forever.

Phil has his ups and downs.

Westgate's ollie is truly tremendous.

"Five years I've been waiting to skate this spot, five years..." -Jason Park

Hooty hoo!

Death Drop Ledge

Just paid a visit to another mind-melting Daewon spot. This ledge represents the perfect combination of tech and gnar.

The boys sittin' down at the warm-up spot, typical.

You do not mess around on a spot like this.

Gettin' ready to film rolling long lens.

Sweet Jesus!

Here's a lil' blog line I snuck in for all you Phil Ceja fans.