Ideal Humans

Took a trip through crime with a few ideal humans. Scope our shenanigans...

Ideal Humans. Watch it, cop it, and support it!

We was hoppin' on that flat bar swag.

Here's what we do, we will setup.

Even Josh came through, broken wrist and all.

Phil was diggin' that flatbar swag the most. The tight pants don't lie!

And you can hit it frontside? That's good because Phil likes to hit it it both ways... ; ) No homo.

On to the next one...

"Coverage baby!" -Blake Matthews

The perfect "shootout" ledge. Or, as Chi-folk say, "jet" ledge.

Dan Muchnik was on it every hour, on the hour.

The superior Hasselblad. "All I see is money signs." -Brendan Herling

The stretch of death.

 "Hee hee, I got it!" -Matthew Bros.

Mr. Matthews in the flesh.

We rolled over to the next spot to find the most hesh manual pad you'll ever see.

Blog footage is serious footage.

P.-Wire gettin' ins on his switch.

Stairway to nowhere. So symbolic! So symbolic!

Then it was on to the last spot of the day...

Photo version.

Video version.

And just like that the "Fancy Ca" was off and the Chicagomies were headed to the airport with a one way ticket home. Good skatin' homies! Good skatin'! Until next time...