The Final Edition

Peep all the Cerritos Skatepark homies doing what they do best...

Big ups to Roman Griego for putting in the most work and coming through with his tenth and final Romontage. Good work man!

Failed Mission

Drove all the way to Riverside and this is all we got...

The 3:00 A.M. session was going good until some idiot crashed his car into a nearby warehouse and ran off laughing. Everyone was super sketched out about it so we immediately cut the generator, wrapped up the lights, and left empty handed. It happens.

Stuck It

Hit up some fun little weekday spots in L.A. a while back.

Roy wasn't feelin' it so we moved on. Checked out this ledge spot and realized how ridiculously hard it is to actually skate. After visiting a few more spots in the city we started heading home.

After clipping nothing in L.A. Phil felt obligated to try his luck at Parks. Not a make, but a stick. You'll get some next time homie...

On The Grind

Went out with Furnace boy Mikey a couple of weeks ago. Poor guy has to clip for three different videos. When he's not stacking for "Ta Ha"or "Drifter Jungle," I'm lucky to get a chance to skate with him. Thankfully he came through this day for "Ground Control."

Mikey eating book gap for breakfast. Roy came through too...

Hit up this fun little cutty spot next. The lady living above was super nice and let us shred it until we clipped.

Ashop For Alex Miranda

So I ended up shooting all of Alex's "Ground Control" throwaway footage to Sai Phomma over at Ashop. This is what they came through with.


Every once in a while I watch a video that makes me feel completely insignificant and inspires me to get off my ass and do something. This is one of those videos...

Hawthorne Hammers?

First post!

Recently hit up some classic Hawthorne spots and got a feel of just how hard Furby gets down...

"The mysterious creature known as Phil."
-Ryan Hunter

Flight form.

Taking The Plunge

So I finally decided to take the plunge and start a blog. This is my way of showing everyone what's going on with my upcoming video, "Ground Control." Hope you guys enjoy.