Set For Lift Off

Premiering at the Art Theatre of Long Beach on January 7th, 2012 at 8:30 P.M.

Manny Mayhem

We decided to get techy the other day and stick to manny pads.

Over bar to manny. Too fun!

First try.

Pre-switch pop posture.

Instant bust, therefore no blog footy...

Had some fun on this lonely flat bar on the sidelines.

Sketchiest 50-50 of my life.

Lynwood Ledgends

Went hunting for a new ledge spot the other day. Pretty psyched we got to skate it.

White tee chillin'.

Ledge to manny pad!



Is that bigspin out or 270 shove?

Nose manny 'round the tree.

Jason Parkfest

The homie from Hawai'i, the man without the mainland, the pride and joy of Kaneohe has finally arrived for an all out shred vacation with the only purpose of filming. Get Some! 

Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Park.

His Youtube glory means business.

Did you go to the circus? I heard it was intense.

Jason got all Donkey Kong with this barrel roll out son!

Frosty 5-0.

Jason loves janky spots.

Whattt? Oh no he didn't... To manual!

Chicago reunited.

Alex grabbing his way to victory. Park power represent!

Carson Crimes

Private property created crime.

Up and at 'em.

Gotta love that fakie ollie off the curb.

It's good to see Roman back on the block.

Roman is killin' it on the filming game.

Premature fakie ollie swag.

How cute, the end.

Tracks Of Tears

We took the liberty of revisiting an oldie but goodie spot the other day.

The tracks of my tears.

Stand by me.

Temple of the false gods.

This sick lil' tranny spot was still in okay shape.

Angry ghetto bird.

Abandoned paradise.

So many possibilities...

This spot is too much fun.