Sugar Skateboards Fall Montage

Recently I've been doing some editing work for the good people over at Unified Skate Supply. Over the last few weeks I managed to pull together an edit for one of their companies, Sugar Skateboards. I'm hyped to see that the montage made it up on Transworld Skateboarding. Check it out...

Blowin' Up Spots!

Started our day off at this ditch spot...

Takin' a hike.

Back to "The Cunt."

We found this new "truck gap" right nearby. No one was down for it so I got this ollie to help blow up the spot bro! If anyone's down to clip on it let me know. By the way, disregard Josh's "artsy" filming.

Phil got all curvy on this front nose.

We ended the day at this dumb little two stair ledge. If you're bored press play and watch me slip out.

Or you can press play and watch this half-assed kickflip lip. Barely counts I guess...

Angel Stadium

Went to the Angel Stadium not to long ago and didn't watch baseball. Instead, we skated some bank to walls.

The spot is literally a stone's throw away from the stadium for anyone who is looking.

Lots of possibilities.

Josh and Mikey were happy about avoiding a ledge spot.

Phil was trying to get hesh.

Phil got hesh.

30 Seconds At United

Here's a little footage from that private session we had at United a while back...

Big thanks to Darren Munoz for filming and editing!

Three Man Mission

Went about Long Beach in the not to distant past with homies, Joshua Abernathy and Lucas Neal.

In case you were wondering that's a ledge, to a bump, to a hydrant.

Meet innovation.

Josh hucked a boosty kickflip over the thing.

Captured my Beavis and Butt-head shadow on the creep.

That's a gap in and gap out ledge to you sir.

Puttin' in that real work.

It shows. Poor guy got his phone swooped on at the spot by some lurker. But at least he got the clip right?

Anaheim Times

The other day the forty year old relic, Nate Klein showed us some fun spots out towards Orange County.

Here he is takin' a breather after some heavy skating.

We brought along Phil's little brother, Jacob.

As you can see, someone's improving their ledge game for blog footy's sake.

Got some good clips at this weird little bump to ledge right after.

Phillip Ceja building up some street credit for himself.

"NateKlein.Com check it out!"

Ryan "Sasoe" Hunter got some. It's pretty damn inspirational watching these older dudes put down. It's always good to remind yourself that you can shred no matter how old you are.

Boofin' It

The homies and I recently did up a little trip to my hometown of Santa Monica, California. Even though we boofed it and didn't come through with any tricks for the video, some good happenings went down for sure...

Mikey got caught boofin' it.

Johnny Sevillano happened to be kickin' it at the Leon residence. Sadly I had a full car and no room for the guy to roll.

Mikey's rat.

Ryan on a 3-D. trip.

Paid a visit to the newly erected Stoner Park. You could spend hours at this place and never get bored. The plaza is definitely as fun as everyone says. The hype is real.

Phil clipped this blog trick then it got a little to crowded for our liking and we dipped.

We then checked out the nearby tennis court rail and I broke my, "getting kicked out of a spot the fastest," record. The cops told us, "Why don't you skate that new Stoner Park?" The irony.

Mormon gap for lunch.

Ryan got caught slippin'. If you pay close enough attention you can read his lips saying, "You didn't film that, did you?" Hahahaha...