Don't Be Fooled

Don't believe it's all about being sponsored.

Don't believe it's all about the way you dress.

Don't believe it's all about contracts.

Don't believe it's all about getting footage.
Just believe that it's all about you and your board.
Words by Jamie Owens, Skateboarder Magazine.

Riverbed Radness

Met up with the homies not too long ago to clock in some clips.

Dennis Dilliner mashing towards some street tranny.

Bluntslide your way to victory.

Vic comin' through strong with the sack lunch.

Peepin' game.

Even Josh met up, rat tail and all.

Dolly set up.


Temporarily out of service...

Summer Skin

We've been trying to make the most out of our last few days of summer...

The set up kids.

Gap to rail.

A momentous occasion for my dude.

Chris literally shitting on the spot in two ways.

Last letter, second try. Make or break?

Bartholomew J. on the scene rockin' the classic fish head shape.

A pretty fun little stage spot.

Doin' it first try for a quarter.

Roy about to go antiquing.

Suicide rails.

The results are in.

Whittier is shittier.

Moseyed our way into an epic two stair ledge session.

Noseslide to back 5-0.

Frontside tailslide to switch back 5-0.

Frontside tailslide to switch crook.

Switch frontside tailslide to crook. Stack nation!


We couldn't really get anything this day.

But it was good to reunite with the homies at least.

Enough ollies to land himself a spot on an East coast company.

Hippy scum.

Back on the block.

Bueno Park

Take a look into our past session through these photos of better times...

Henry, always prepared

Balance is the key to life.

This is trendsetting.

Roy's attempt to get on Blind.

I try, I try...

Roy paying homage to Pac.

Stallionized back tail.