Cruisin' Commerce

Weekday spots are usually a no go. But somehow on this past weekday, Commerce was a go go.

Welcome to huck nation. As you can see the rails are gone now.

Workin' their way over.

Size it up.

Sweep it up.

It's not that Roy's an idiot, he just tries so hard to be.

Boom! Fo' real...

Tricks were made. The shirt don't lie.

Chris posted his black-ass up for the moment.

"Fosheezy my neezy."

Boardslide backers.

This is the last place I'd expect to see a school.

"Sometimes it is fun to skate like a really big rail to me."

Never let the A.B.D.'s get to you. Truth is, they got to him.

Back for more.

I call this one, "Escape from Freedom."

In With The New

Last week we explored some uncharted territory and skated some new spots. Pretty refreshing!

Out with the old and in with the new, sorry Nate...

Double set into bank.

Sends you flying.

Nate came through with the spot saver, thanks again dude!

Mike tryin' to keep up with Chris.

Next spot was another new spot.

Up and down.

Up and around.

Nate manualing his way into a manhole.

Ten Stair Times

Kept it generic as hell the other day and played huck-it on a ten stair. Peep ya boys gettin' some!
Quote of this day: "Does Deville shoot you with guns and if you live you get to stay on Powell?" -Matthew Marusik

Phil thinks he's washed-up apparently. Let's see what you think after his part drops...

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Get some, or get none!

Marusik is bringing that Wisconsin high life all the way to Cali. It's good to see you out there!

Film mode.

A companionship to remember.

A Time To Shine

Last week I swooped up some good homies from the airport and headed straight to this classic Transworld spot. This here's a scenic spot for some scenic footage to be had.

Sunset spot of the day.

Randy whipped out his cam cam right off the plane and got straight down to business.

Comin' in hot from Wisconsin, Marusik nailin' the tourist look.

Dick-wire about to shine.

Sunset inward heel.

Packin' it up until next time.

Trusty Steed

It's about time I dedicate a blog post to my trusty steed, the most dependable filming mobile of all. This here 83' Mercedes-Benz 300 S.D. Turbo Diesel has been through countless filming missions and deserves some recognition for all its hard work.

Withstanding the test of time to this very day. My whip has never failed me since day one.

It's got plenty of space for any junk in the trunk.

Pre-G. Status. This is what inspired it all.

Countless filming missions later I finally broke 300,000 miles. G. Status.

Ditch Days

Took an Arizona approach to skateboarding the other day.

Mandatory push shot.

Proper form.

Meet and greets.

Phil throwin' down as the train rolls by.

Gettin' jiggy with it.

Spectators spectatin'.

Then it was off and away after a successful day.

Sole Tech. Session

Had a sick little Sole Tech. session with the Gallery dudes the other day.

This park is just too much fun.

It's got everything you could ask for.

Blogside feeble grind.

Frontside big for shits and gigs.

Chris gettin' his tech-side in.

Just a walk in the park for Carlos.

Chris can fly!

Carlos is always inventin' new tricks on the fly.

Chris was burnt after makin' all those tricks.

Ready for shipping.

This park is just so damn fun we couldn't find ourselves to ever leave until we were completely burnt out and the sun finally set.

Chillin', chillin'.

Gallery represent!

Enjoy Gallery

A few days back Gallery Board Shop held a lil' deck release kickback for Chris Joslin. Peep out the wildness!

Boards out, bodies in.

All the homies came through.

Pizza and Coke. : 9

Cerritos Park classic.

Zoned out.