Western Wachness

Welcome to more coverage of days past...

Chris didn't understand how to approach the lumpy obstacle. Most of all, he simply didn't care to.

Phil showed him how it was done with ease. Don't get rocked on it dude! Harharhar... Get it?

He was disappointed for being dragged back to his old high school again. Sorry bro...

The man, the myth, Adrian Nigman.

Pre-kickflip posture.

Mr. Consistent versus Mr. Consistent.

Commence S.K.A.T.E.

This was how most of our day went.

But all in all, we have to focus on what's really important here boys and girls.

As a last resort, we were all driven to Norwalk Skate Park. It's mostly just because skate parks are the only place we're actually allowed to skate. : (

Dude was on a solid box session.

I tried to re-popularize this old trick.

Then I tried to master some 360 revolutions brah! This is as full as it gets on my part... : /  We need to skate more!

Pacifica Pastimes

The homies rolled up all the way from Santa Monica to explore some new terrain. First spot was Pacifica.

We were mobbin' with a deep crew.

Phil met up in his fresh whip. That's right, our lil' Phil is all grown up now.

Old friends reunited once again.

Sacharow squeezed in a Mariners approved switch frontside flip.

Steven Ban Wallride Mariner
Following up, Dan Muchnik captured this artsy wallride from Steven.

Steven Ban Gap 5-0
Then Steven went balls out on this nearby hubba. Dan the man was there to capture it all for us while Nathan and I were rockin' the video cameras.

Nate Principato Nollie flip
The dudes then got to work on this bump to gap as shown by Nate Principato's nollie flip.
 Elliot Murphy Nollie Heel
Elliot Murphy backed 'em up!

LA Morning
All in all it was a successful days work. Everyone came through in the clutch! Also, show Dan some love and go peep his photostream. Dude is proper!

Back To Berendo

Normally I try to avoid blogging about spots we've already hit, but hey it's better than nothing, right?

Golden boy always be toyin' with his trucks.

Get down with the stay down.

Peeps were hating on my impeccable wall-ride skills. I'm looking at you Alex Miranda!


We were determined to get clips...

So determined.

Less determined.

Sort of determined, again.

I was pumped on this nearby manny pad.

Then there was a lack of determination, so we moved on to the next spot...

So determined again, just look at that form!

And this is how determination can pay of. With that feeling you get after rolling away from a trick.

Superbowl Sunday

Football? Forget football lets skate! Here go our sessions from last Sunday...

"Who run it? Oh I think I do!" -Roy Foner

Back to Cerritos College.

Cerritos hurteen.

Hahaha... "I was there!" Oh Carlos Lastra, your blindfolded legacy will never die.

Then it was off to Long Beach. I'm still waiting on the most skateboard friendly city in America.

Mike gets back to his manuals.

There was a time when a trick like this was part-worthy.

Chap. Sessions

Good ol' Chap. sessions... You can't go wrong.

Phil tries to get his manual on while Mikey goes hard in the paint.

Word 'em up.

Mike Piwowar is a manual magician.

Chris is always happy to be filming.

The face of success.

Don't sandblast our ledge bro!


Disregard my terrible filming on this one...

Luke Lutz got dem angles.

Baby Rail

A baby post about a baby rail. Well, not so baby. It's still a handrail after all.

Even Phil skated it.

Chris is a crook.