Western Wachness

Welcome to more coverage of days past...

Chris didn't understand how to approach the lumpy obstacle. Most of all, he simply didn't care to.

Phil showed him how it was done with ease. Don't get rocked on it dude! Harharhar... Get it?

He was disappointed for being dragged back to his old high school again. Sorry bro...

The man, the myth, Adrian Nigman.

Pre-kickflip posture.

Mr. Consistent versus Mr. Consistent.

Commence S.K.A.T.E.

This was how most of our day went.

But all in all, we have to focus on what's really important here boys and girls.

As a last resort, we were all driven to Norwalk Skate Park. It's mostly just because skate parks are the only place we're actually allowed to skate. : (

Dude was on a solid box session.

I tried to re-popularize this old trick.

Then I tried to master some 360 revolutions brah! This is as full as it gets on my part... : /  We need to skate more!