It was all a dream. This classic schoolyard spot's got a sick scene.

Skate the stairs or skate over the rail.

That launch over table is too much fun.

Some get it, some don't.

The spot's even got those trademark ├ęS game of S.K.A.T.E. lines goin.

And it's got a wallride.

Don't consider him a fool because he dropped out of high school... And if you don't know now you know, nigga.

Two Man Missions

Two man missions are a go. Peep some flicks from the field consisting of Mikey and myself...

The path to enlightenment.

Cutty spots for the win.

Mikey just happened to be cruisin' down the street and I just happened to have a camera out.

Another cutty spot with a tiny A.B.D. list.

That shit's got pop.

Wait, time out.

Go Skateboarding Day

Last Tuesday, Wild in the Streets 2011 set off with a bang bringing together thousands of skaters. I never thought I'd have so much fun pushing downtown with a herd of skaters.

Wild in the Sidewalks.

Auby spotted the most cutty spot of all.

Where's the plaza?

More skaters...

Mark Waters is a saint!

"Hey mom! I'm on T.V.!"

Sidewalk Surfers

Had a lot of fun the other day skating some butthole gaps.

Epic throw down shot.

Butthole skaters.

I even managed to claw Mr. Miranda away from his girlfriend and take him back to the streets!




V.I.P. (Volcom Indoor Park)

A few days ago I did a shoot with the Spyder dudes over at Volcom Indoor Park. Everyone on the Spyder team pretty much rips, so stay posted for a zesty montage comin' soon!

Truer words have never been spoken.

Get your foot in the sticker door.

The pyramid got murked.

Jett's Blog on the lurk...

Later our session had to get shafted by groms galore.

Skate mom, the new soccer mom...

I don't know how I feel about this grom photo shoot.

Off to lunch.

Spyder team, killin' the game!

Volcom, we thank you.

The Barracks

Came up on this amazing new cutty spot last week. A place once used as war barracks, is now used for street skating...

Aerial scenario.

Enter the shadow of the tunnel of death.

Alternate route.

Make-shifting in progress.

That bank is steeper than gas prices! Harharhar...

Andrew Diaz gettin' 'em!

Commence rippage.

 Lines for days.

Everyone put in a solid day's work.

Unfortunately though, I gotta be the bearer of bad news and let you guys know that the spot's been stripped down of almost everything. I went back the other day only to encounter an eight foot high fence blocking the tunnel. Getting past that was easy, but getting over the fact that another chill ass weekday spot was on the burn was hard to swallow. Ahhh well... Lurk hard for the next new hot spot! I guess it's on to the next one...