Snake Runs

It's always nice to come up on a new weekday spot.

Snake running.

End of summer shorts.

Someone left us this perfect push broom.

Live horses on the scene.

Jem's American Eagle advertisement.

Checking for air bubbles.

Channel gap.

Gettin' it in!

Long Beach Cruisin'

I enjoy long skates on the beach. Hahaha...

It's always sunny in Long Beach.

We were hyped to mess around on this thing.

Josh havin' some good ol' innocent fun.


1984 Propaganda.

Talkin' shit about a pretty sunset.

Default status.

This thing is so damn hard to skate.

Back grind to back grind to horrible ass steez.

You just can't talk shit on Long Beach, California!

Hot Spot

We decided to get some while we still could at this new L.A. hot spot.

The height of this is proportional to that of a three year old's.

Back grind for yo' ass.

Get it straight do crooks.

Eyeballin' something at the next spot.

Praying mantis! First time I've seen one of these in person.

Kaya's got this.

Really steep boardslide.

More back to backs from the handrail dogs of the crew.

Oh no!

Victory cone.

F.Y.I. This is knobbed now.

Until next time...

Straight To The Dome

It's all fun and games until somebody busts their head open...

Stretch session to start off the day.

Do you stretch before you skate?

Bucky and Herling's epic grip jobs.

Josh about to go H.A.M.

Cold chillin'.

Artsy shot of a non-artsy photographer.

The socks prove that Ryan is just another Loyal Pawn of the ever growing Toy Machine army. 

Then it was up and over to the next spot.

Remember that D.I.Y. spot I blogged about months ago? Well, this is what's left of it.

I never even had a chance to get some on it.. : (

After the sad sight we mosied on over to this sizable alternative.

And then just like that, it happened. Mike was just tryin' to have some good ol' innocent fun but he got it straight to the dome! Video courtesy of Jem Lacasandile.

Roy was kind enough to offer his shirt to suppress the bleeding.

Despite his bleeding brain, Mike was a good enough sport to let us continue with our filming plans.

Gap to rail.

It's not the easiest thing to skate.

With a little over an hour of light left, we hit up this one last spot.

Jem is here to deliver your package via U.P.S. Hahaha...

Then at last, we made our way to the hospital.

"Two staples for a tre flip?" - Michael Piwowar.

Fortunately, Mike was lucky enough to save himself from getting a concussion and now he's all good and skating again! : )

Ilja Maran New Video Part!

Sike! That's the wrong skater!

Back To School

Hyped to get one last summer day session in before school started back up again.

Chill stretch.

Bump over bar. That thing is sketchy!


As low as you can go.

Home of the Don ledge.

Gettin' lippy.

Phone zone.

Group love.