Build A Spot

Some coverage of our latest endeavor. Everyone teamed up for the build a spot for the greater good of skateboarding.

First off it was about spot scoping more stairs.

More hubbas.

New Furnace graphic. Go get yours!

Remember this picture?

Well, look at this picture. It seems like every time I go skate I see another spot go...

Fake McDonald's for commercial purposes.

Both these guys got served up skating this rail. Thing is dangerous.

Lurked on another up and overs spot.

More hill bomb-age.

After which we commenced build a spot!
Material materials.

Gettin' to work.

Lots of work.

And sweeping.

Fuck you mother nature.

After a full days work, this is what we came through with. Look at that butter ledge on that smooth, clean ground!

My attempt at an artsy Bones advertisement.