Ta Ha

One great thing about video premieres is that it's one of those rare occasions that brings hundreds of people that you never see enough together, in one place, at one time.

Last night, I had the opportunity to make it through and see all the homies, literally, all the homies thanks to Don Luong's masterpiece, Ta Ha

I love you Ta Ha skate film by Don Luong.

Early bird gets the worm. Except, we just got rained on.

Got the money spot to keep dry.

Ryan was posted at the real money spot.

Dr. Fresh made his appearance. Fashionably late of course...

Photo bombing!

Barge it!

"This ain't no meet and greet!"

Adrian throwing up gang signs.

The audience waiting patiently. Where's Waldo? Top left.

Commence rippage!

No sir, we thank you.

 Woot woot!

Unleash the beast.
Ta Ha, bitches.

A great video. Fist pumps all around!

Sasoe! Adrian was blown away. You can see it in his face.

Somebody was starstruck. : ) I gotta give a major shout out to Don Luong for coming through with one of the sickest, most wholesome homie videos of all time. So anticipated and long awaited, but straight gnarly regardless. Worth the wait for sure. Dude definitely pumped me up to get to work on my never ending project...

As far as independent videos go, Ta Ha will never go forgotten. Alec Jamir set it off right with a few flips into handrails. Ben Fisher surprised everyone with his banger at Cherry park. He even managed to front board a big ass handrail amongst all his technical manual madness too. Ta Ha was also nicely spiced with H.B. and L.B. parts, you better not miss Mikey Leon up in that piece! Saying, "Derrick Wilson killed it!" is an understatement. Note Hollywood sixteen. Same goes for Mr. Davenport. Note the impeccable handrail skating, dude clearly put on his gnar boots for this one. But for some reason, Brian Price had one of my favorite parts. Definitely a memorable one. Something about the creativity sprinkled with the rasta type tune flowed nicely. All embracing, Ta Ha will be one to remember. Support the Furnace heads and go cop your very own copy as soon as you can!

After the premiere we did our stomachs right by hitting up one of my favorite food spots of all time...

Roscoe's Chicken 'N' Waffles. What's good!?

Everyone got the country boy. Three chicken wings and waffles. : 9

Ta Ha premiere then Roscoe's. Last night was a good night.