Be A Person Of Character

We had a mellow day on the field a couple weekends back and stuck to manual pads and ledges.

This dude gets off on this type of shit, no joke.

Enough said?

Always hyped to see Dan gettin' some!

The photographer on a stealth mission for the best angle.

Auby lookin' a bit pre-dispositioned here.

Happy to see this spot is skate-able again.

Farewell good friend. It was real.


Welcome to another edition of the blogging show. This time we take a look into a lil' session from Glendale to L.A.

Woodpushers galore.

Can't stop the pop clock.

Takin' blog footage to another level!

Endless games of flat, endless fun.

My little baby rail.

Under the bridge.

Bump to bars remastered.

Now featuring additional handrail.

 Hit the rail outta that manual brah! So pitted!


Here's some photos from the alleyways of Long Beach, California!

Guerilla style photoshoot.

The Sa. Mo. homies came through.

Thread the needle.

Chris was swaggin' his freshly flo'd Circas.

Dan has the world record for the fastest pack up time.

Mobbin' deep once again.

Speculatin' on the next spot.

Auby was workin' on accenting the spot.

Mike steppin' up to the plate.

"That's one Prince of a hardflip!" -Auby Taylor

At The Edge Of The World

Paid a visit to the edge of the world and found the most amazing spot ever!

Oh, what man has accomplished...

At the edge of the world.

Tide pools for tourists.

These architects had to be skaters.

One of a kind.

Ever heard of a ledge to bank? Now you have.

Steven's always skatin' things a lil' differently.

I knew it was too good to be true. : (

Lynwood Always Up To No Good!

Rollin' through no good hoods won't keep us off the streets.

We mob deep.

They were passin' V.X.'s out on the street.

We was mobbin' like four cars deep!

I would hate driving in this climate too... It's a economic crisis!

Steven lacquered up these new ledges for us to get some on.

Lacquered, waxed, and ready in minutes!

Sole Tech. homies chillin' on the session.

The longest of all L.O.G.s. (Ledge over gap.)

Phil is rockin' some serious equipment for serious reasons. Ever wonder who takes photographs of all them Sole Tech. goods you see in magazines? This guy! Pay his hard work some love and visit his site: Phil Blair Photo. He's livin' the dream people!

Happy Bucky. : ) Thanks for comin' through dude!

From L.A. To L.B.

Last week we partook in some shredding along the mighty L.A.

Lafayette Plaza for warmies...

No one's down to take on the beast.

This is how it should work, ideally.

The next spot was infested with human skate stoppers.

For a human skate stopper, he wasn't all that bad actually.

Mike stomped this 50-50 then hopped on the next train home.

Golden hour lipslide.

Here's an L.A. skyline picture for all you hipsters out there.

Then we was onto these L.B. ledges.

Feelin' it.


Down In Downey

Here's some more bloggins from a recent trip through Downey.

I'm a crackhead for new spots. I spotted this abandoned foundation from miles away then got to my blueprints.

Mike and me moved a heavy ass light pole over to it's new home.

Then voila, new flat bar spot! All it took was a lil' man power.

 It's almost impossible to de-virginize a spot around here anymore. Here's Mike P. doin' just that.

So that's why it's called "Hi Ho" gap...

This old spot's now new and improved! Time to get all artsy on this bitch.

Spot's so much more artsy now...

Get there while you can!