Lynwood Always Up To No Good!

Rollin' through no good hoods won't keep us off the streets.

We mob deep.

They were passin' V.X.'s out on the street.

We was mobbin' like four cars deep!

I would hate driving in this climate too... It's a economic crisis!

Steven lacquered up these new ledges for us to get some on.

Lacquered, waxed, and ready in minutes!

Sole Tech. homies chillin' on the session.

The longest of all L.O.G.s. (Ledge over gap.)

Phil is rockin' some serious equipment for serious reasons. Ever wonder who takes photographs of all them Sole Tech. goods you see in magazines? This guy! Pay his hard work some love and visit his site: Phil Blair Photo. He's livin' the dream people!

Happy Bucky. : ) Thanks for comin' through dude!