Outtake Tuesdays Vol. 4

Yet another installment of footage not suitable for the final product. Sorry, it's more of a careless edit. Peep it out if you're bored. What was I thinking?

How Spots Change

A little birdie told us about a new spot by a famous high school.

First off, eighteen stair. Any takers?

What's that bird chirping about in the background? Anyway, I'm now a proud father of my very first fifty foot back grind. :)

That damn bird never told us the new spot was skate stopped! Maybe I just wasn't listening...

So many possibilities, fenced off, crushed. Damn you Dylan.

Roy was so depressed about it he purposely subjected himself to the most uncomfortable position ever.

At least Phil was still able to have fun with it.

Roy blogumented this nice little Michael Leon ollie for me.

Only people crazy enough as Furby would jump over this.

Oh how spots change. Seven flat two, rest in peace.

Where seven flat two used to be. I'll never forget you switch flip...

The new and disproved ten to eight. Reconstructed to serve the handicapped. Rest in peace Burbank hubba.

At least the rail hasn't changed.

Golden hour at the last spot of the day.

Valley Times

 Headed up north some time ago. Here's my coverage of the happenings.

Josh begins the day with his stretching ritual.

Michael on rock patrol.

Josh likes to go over the highest part.

Some big fish dunking on these kitty courts.

Tomato head in full form.

"I'm a ditch I'm a lover, I'm a child I'm a mother."

Slip 'N' slide time.

Reason For The Season

Drove out to downtown L.A. the other day only to get rained out. No one wanted to go home empty handed so we made do and skated this bench in a hallway.

Oh yeah. Phil's on Heel Bruise. I think, he only got like four shirts from them so far. : /

Phil did about three other tricks out of this nollie noseslide but I was too lazy to blog it.

Chris crook.

Of all the stupid things I see knobbed, this has to take the cake. A knobbed handrail with no run up next to a fence. Note the knobs on the bottom next to the steps. Idiots. Oh yeah, there's a perfect eight rail at this school too, not knobbed of course...

Rainy Day Alternatives

Rain sucks, so if you're still itching to skate and it's raining, I highly recommend either United, Vans, or at the very least, Channel Street Skatepark...

Fully worth the five bucks.

The queen of D.I.Y. spots.

It wasn't raining this day but if it was we'd still be skating it.

Josh gets his slash grinds on lock.

I'm seeing double, in Krook3D!

From Downey To Downtown

Some photo coverage of a couple recent missions from Downey to downtown L.A.

Phil tried to get his Daewon on.

This flat bar is coke!
Phil wouldn't buck to this long ass ledge so he went pop out on it.

McClung and company linked up.
Not a rainbow rail but just, rainbow rail. :)

Trent getting the biggest boardslide of his premature career. Thus far of course.

 How cute.

Josiah is a mad man! And yes, he kickflipped it more than once.

Mikey right before getting owned.

 Nollies? Got 'em.

Temple spot to end the day on.

Michael on a good day, a really good day.

A Day With Alden

Went out the other day with loving father of two, Aldeenyooo.

Old homies catching up...

Grass gap time.

Stack nation!

Jason Park Got Flow'd!

Remember that post from ages ago? Well I know it's late, but I couldn't forget to give props to my homie Jason Park for making The Skateboard Mag. Big ups dude! One day when I finally surmount this monster of a video I'm working on you'll be able to see the footage. Until then... Hold tight!

Mess Around Lines

Watch Steven and Alex go dumb hard on these first try lines on the fly...

Inglewood Always Up To No Good!

Took our business down to Inglewood and its surrounding areas. I'd say we clocked in some good clips for the video.

Almost everyone has skated these ledges by now.

The homies invested in some afternoon brewskis.

Ryan's face is priceless here. Hahahaha!

I probably should have filmed this for the video but Phil did it so easily I decided to just throw it on this here blog.

What might Mikey be thinking?

Bucktage in the works.

Normally this fool never smiles after rolling away from a trick.

"Friday" lives on.

I was too lazy to rotate it so if you're going to complain just download it yourself and rotate it for your own viewing pleasure.

Ended the day with a nice little session at Compton Skatepark. Get there while you can!

Trick Of The Day Vol. 5

Watch as Gabriel Lopez takes a trip around the world... Twice!

Dizzy yet?

Hidden Gem

Found this ditch spot in the middle of nowhere up in the central coast. It was kind of rugged, but super fun nonetheless.

Take a mental picture because we have to skate this spot next trip up North.

Wrecked Complete

I should have never let that fat bastard borrow my board to try and skate Mira Costa stretch sixteen...

Biebel's World

This is a little piece I made in art class ages ago. I'm now taking the liberty of turning this wire sculpture into a blog post to pay a lil' homage to Brandon Biebel for holding it down on Biebel's World. Check it out!

November News

Went out to some new ditch spot up north only to get rejected...

This spot would have been so much fun.

But as you can see, it was flooded.

Mikey and Eric were chillin'.

 I tried to get my Ryan Hunter on.
Hell awaits.

No one was down for human frogger.

Phil and Josh worked on their 24 hour ghetto workout.

Steven planning his next move.

Homie got the biggest 5-0 of his life.

It was super hot that day so Mikey hopped the fence and took a dive into this fresh ass pool.

Eric got his back.

More skating, less chillin'!

Walnut ledges, rest in peace. Again.

Still don't don't understand how Figgy got down on this skull high rail.