Ideal Humans

Took a trip through crime with a few ideal humans. Scope our shenanigans...

Ideal Humans. Watch it, cop it, and support it!

We was hoppin' on that flat bar swag.

Here's what we do, we will setup.

Even Josh came through, broken wrist and all.

Phil was diggin' that flatbar swag the most. The tight pants don't lie!

And you can hit it frontside? That's good because Phil likes to hit it it both ways... ; ) No homo.

On to the next one...

"Coverage baby!" -Blake Matthews

The perfect "shootout" ledge. Or, as Chi-folk say, "jet" ledge.

Dan Muchnik was on it every hour, on the hour.

The superior Hasselblad. "All I see is money signs." -Brendan Herling

The stretch of death.

 "Hee hee, I got it!" -Matthew Bros.

Mr. Matthews in the flesh.

We rolled over to the next spot to find the most hesh manual pad you'll ever see.

Blog footage is serious footage.

P.-Wire gettin' ins on his switch.

Stairway to nowhere. So symbolic! So symbolic!

Then it was on to the last spot of the day...

Photo version.

Video version.

And just like that the "Fancy Ca" was off and the Chicagomies were headed to the airport with a one way ticket home. Good skatin' homies! Good skatin'! Until next time...

Bump To Nowhere

Jem showed us this super cutty bump to street spot in Cerritos.

Bump to street spot? Yeah? Maybe, just a little?

"I think it's tight." Okay Jem, that's all we need.

You either have to make the most of that mellow bump or do as I do and push your hardest then skate it like a flat gap. Ha!

Dantelor was cold chillin'.


Look out for the upcoming Mikey Leon blog!

Cerritos Days

Kept it G.-Code and skated the park all day. This is what us sketchies came through with...

Shout out to Mikey Leon for coming through from behind the lens for the first time!

I Love The Valley, Oh!

Peep our recent happenings from the valley of the shadow of death!

We took a nice hike to an old spot.

"I'm a ditch, I'm a lover."

"Let's go skate Culver City." I guess Mr. Mikey is too good for this spot now. Ha! 

The laziest photographer I know.

Ledge dreams.

Chippy lines all day.

 "Let's go to Culver already dude..." -Michael Leon

Ryan on the lurk, not on it with the coverage! What happened to the blog, dog?

Then finally we missioned back towards Culver City.

 Now he skates...

What you got on that pole jam over chain, son!

 The kind of rail Mikey would love.

These fools decided to sit this one out.

Legal ramifications against skateboarding? Fuck it, onto the next spot...

Crook bonkers!

"I gotta holla at my boy, Dr. Scholl." - Michael Piwowar

I think it's safe to say we put in a good days work. Well, at least Baby Chris did!

Back To Bolsa

Here go some coverage from the breezy beaches of Orange County.

Actually, the beach was pretty empty. I guess O.C. folk don't care for it much anymore.

Mike and Mike.

I love saying this one: S.S.B.S.T.S.

Photographer fail, I didn't avoid the mergers.

Back to backers!

Bolsa beach was pretty kind to us offering new spots every few pushes down the way.

Watch out for Mike Alexander, Daewon!

Or should I say watch of for Mike Piwowar?!

Outtake Tuesdays Vol. 8

We get alonggg... Cause we're fine old friendsss...

 Here's the next batch of clips not suitable for the final product. Featuring some skating from yours truly... Enjoy!