Back To Beverly

Took another stab at skating some classy spots, in classy Beverly Hills, with some classy individuals.

We came back to this classy four block.

Ryan's always putting his flashes in my shot... Not classy man, not classy.

Then security came. : ( Apparently we set off a motion sensor which set off an alarm. So if you plan on skating it, make sure you don't move at all.

Mikey spotted this buttery ledge. We didn't get to skate it for long.

Then we tried skating this buttery triangle ledge about fifteen minutes away.

But this guy came back! "Sorry guys, I patrol all the schools." Bummer. Most days are rough but it won't stop us from finishing this video... Eventually...

"Standards Forsaken" - Guest Skaters

I know it's late but I just thought I'd let everyone know my good friend Nathan Sacharow decided to post his video in its entirety on Skate Video Site. Show the homie some love and go peep his hard work. That way you can watch me get in front of the lens and try and roll away from tricks. Better yet, just buy the damn video!

West L.A. Wildness

Here's some wildness from the surrounding West L.A. areas from Beverly Hills to Venice Beach.

Steven was on a solo mission to the skatepark.

We skated this classic manual pad spot.

There's a new ledge in town and Phil was the first of the crew to get his on it.

Phil tried his luck on this long ledge right after. This is as far as he got.

Then he got boned. Hahaha...

Made it to this buttery four block.

Ollie time.

Sacharow's got all the spots.

Then we ended the night with a lil' funbox session. Everyone stacked mad blog footage on it.

Chris got lines for days.

Nathan gets it in.

Look out Phil!

Filmers can skate too. : )

Farewell Fedde

Paid a visit to an old spot the other day only to discover that it was completely removed.

This photograph is an attempt to give the illusion that the spot still exists.

The remaining flat ground underneath makes for excellent training grounds. 

Just look at Roy get those switch 360 shove its on lock.

Cancelled In Corona

Here's some pictures from a shafted session out in Corona. Even though I drove all the way out there for nothing, it's still safe for me to say it was a fun day.

Andrew Diaz and company.

This spot is actually as perfect as it seems.

Warm up time.

Technical difficulties.

The baby alternative version.

This flat bar is totally skateable.

And then comes the shaft, yet again.


Moving on to the next spot...

Another shaft! Damn! Look at the huge missing chunk, sucks...

Made it to the last spot of the day with a few minutes of daylight to spare.

Get dat back fiddy fiddy, cuh.

What could he have been trying?

La Habra session to save the day.

Party line.

Look at him go.

Overall we had some good times with some good fellas.

Outtake Tuesdays Vol. 6

Don't worry if he writes rhymes, he gets tricks! Phil brings around another batch of "Ground Control" throwaways to help ease the big delay.

Honestly though, sometimes Phil is just difficult...

"Isn't Phil like, germ-free? How's he supposed to kiss his girlfriend?" -Chris Bell
Hahaha... Just kidding bro we love you!

Girl's 9th Annual Open House

Made it out to the Girl warehouse a couple of days ago to try and chomp on the current skate scene.

Air dancers were mandatory.

Flannels, chinos, and pabsts. Now there's a skate scene.

The warehouse was packed so I couldn't even get a glimpse of the skating for anyone, sorry.

Many years in and Girl still supports shredding strong.

No one was down for a Tap tat.

Girl had lots of circus jazz going on to blow your money on.

From shootouts to hang ups.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Ride your donkey, or, whatever that thing is. Either way, Mikey was stoked on it.

Ryan Hunter, proud to be a father of his very own turtle.

"It's gonna peck your eyes out!" -Erwin Constantino

Free food? Let the line begin...

Now with fries!

Success! Worth the wait for sure. Although we did cut mad lines to get it...

Kudos to whomever got first, second, and third! I wouldn't know because I just went for the free In-N-Out. : /

These guys are awesome. Skateboarders for skateboarding.

Thank you Girl Skateboard Company for supporting skateboarding with awesome shit like this.

A Gay In L.A.

We tried to kick it old school a while back by skating the whole city. Sadly, we just got shafted by security at almost every spot.

Eventually we were driven to this dark corner under a bridge. The only place in downtown L.A. where skateboarders are welcome.

Get yo ledge to manny on.

I was trying to get artsy filming this time-lapse until these big cheeses rolled up in their fresh ass rice rockets. Not only did they barge the session, they got all up in my shot! Just kidding, I forgive you Espinoza.

What Reda is really doing on Wednesdays...

We got booted from here almost instantaneously.

At least Steven pulled this ollie upon getting kicked out.

Street gap to the rescue!

Not. Long boarders only.

And then comes the shaft. Sewage water messin' with our roll up... : (