South Bay Sessions

Last week we missioned out towards the bay and put in some solid work.

Redondo Hurteen

We peeped out the new flat bar on the premises.

Also paid respects to the old flat bar.

Threadin' the needle.

Then we sessioned the ten rail upon exit.

"Why'd you take me to a ledge spot?" -Baby C.J.

Roy jumps at any opportunity to skate a rail.

So, for the next spot we went to a rail.

Get some!

Target Dogs

Snooped around an abandoned Target the other day to skate this manual pad.

Then I revamped the spot with this buttery ass pole jam!

So hyped to find a home for my pole jam.

Mike did the honors of setting off the new creation properly.

I got his back, one-eighty...

Trailer Trashin'

Last mission we had ourselves a productive lil' road trip out towards Billy Marks' hometown of Corona, California.

First spot of the day was too fun. I'm talkin' coping ledges for days!

Even I got my ins on this fun lil' gap out ledge.

Don't let the Hawai'ian shirt fool you people. Chris was on no vacation.

Just look at him gettin' all kinky and shit.

Everyone needs to holler at that Chris B. pro model swag! Swag, swag...

Next spot we up'd the ante a bit.

I'll raise you one baby rail.

Chris B. is winning all the money, all the money!

Adrian and Mike tapped out their chips and folded on this hand.

As for the last spot of the day we got the shaft. Say goodbye to this perfect ass gap... Damn it!

Barred off from existence.

Luckily the gaps' younger cousin was still in full effect.

Back to backers!

Ender line to end the post on, baby.

Uncharted Territory

Here's another look into the making of our video. This last mission we decided to peep out some uncharted territory and try our luck at a couple new spots.

Stretch Armstrong motha'fucka!

Trendy spot for a trendy skater.

Get yo' Dylan Rieder on.

Exclusive Filmbot Grip! Josh thinks he's so cool...

Sacharow had the courtesy of showing us this amazing new ledge spot.

Don't bother hittin' me up for directions. This thing is probably knobbed by now yo!

But in any case, get some while you still can.

Long Beach Localling

Kept it local today and skated my great home town of Strong Beach!

These fools sittin' here don't know nothin' 'bout the huck-it lifestyle.

Huck it!

This nigga over here floatin' in the air for a minute cuh!

That's what she said.

A big thank you to whoever made this spot skate-able.

How to sack a rail with Brendan Herling.

Blister boy.

Lil' Chris came through blister and all then earned himself a seat on the victory chair.

Carson Coverage

A couple days back we cruised around Long Beach's little brother, Carson city. : )

Good to see Johnny Sevillano pushin' wood again alright.

We checked out this little cutty pyramid spot.

Steven was workin' them big-ass buntz of his.

Apparently Roy can skate kicker spots? He does it all people!

Some shady shit goes on behind this place.

Mike P. scopin' it out.

Front fitty-fitties for warmies.

Josh makes the leather jacket work, I guess...

Lurkin' Lafayette

Took it easy and had ourselves a lil' plaza session the other day.

Lafayette lurkers.

Some kind of new maneuver...

Chillin' like villains.

Cody C. on the scene!

Obi comin' through.

Poppin' it off!

Gay 12

It doesn't get any gayer than this spot everybody.

The infamous, Gay 12.

Gay stretch.

Gay angle.

Tape Number Two Hundred

This is getting serious.

Eight days and eight hours of the little red light.

Let the logging begin.

Didn't believe me? Well, it's true.