Trailer Trashin'

Last mission we had ourselves a productive lil' road trip out towards Billy Marks' hometown of Corona, California.

First spot of the day was too fun. I'm talkin' coping ledges for days!

Even I got my ins on this fun lil' gap out ledge.

Don't let the Hawai'ian shirt fool you people. Chris was on no vacation.

Just look at him gettin' all kinky and shit.

Everyone needs to holler at that Chris B. pro model swag! Swag, swag...

Next spot we up'd the ante a bit.

I'll raise you one baby rail.

Chris B. is winning all the money, all the money!

Adrian and Mike tapped out their chips and folded on this hand.

As for the last spot of the day we got the shaft. Say goodbye to this perfect ass gap... Damn it!

Barred off from existence.

Luckily the gaps' younger cousin was still in full effect.

Back to backers!

Ender line to end the post on, baby.