Girl's 9th Annual Open House

Made it out to the Girl warehouse a couple of days ago to try and chomp on the current skate scene.

Air dancers were mandatory.

Flannels, chinos, and pabsts. Now there's a skate scene.

The warehouse was packed so I couldn't even get a glimpse of the skating for anyone, sorry.

Many years in and Girl still supports shredding strong.

No one was down for a Tap tat.

Girl had lots of circus jazz going on to blow your money on.

From shootouts to hang ups.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Ride your donkey, or, whatever that thing is. Either way, Mikey was stoked on it.

Ryan Hunter, proud to be a father of his very own turtle.

"It's gonna peck your eyes out!" -Erwin Constantino

Free food? Let the line begin...

Now with fries!

Success! Worth the wait for sure. Although we did cut mad lines to get it...

Kudos to whomever got first, second, and third! I wouldn't know because I just went for the free In-N-Out. : /

These guys are awesome. Skateboarders for skateboarding.

Thank you Girl Skateboard Company for supporting skateboarding with awesome shit like this.