A Gay In L.A.

We tried to kick it old school a while back by skating the whole city. Sadly, we just got shafted by security at almost every spot.

Eventually we were driven to this dark corner under a bridge. The only place in downtown L.A. where skateboarders are welcome.

Get yo ledge to manny on.

I was trying to get artsy filming this time-lapse until these big cheeses rolled up in their fresh ass rice rockets. Not only did they barge the session, they got all up in my shot! Just kidding, I forgive you Espinoza.

What Reda is really doing on Wednesdays...

We got booted from here almost instantaneously.

At least Steven pulled this ollie upon getting kicked out.

Street gap to the rescue!

Not. Long boarders only.

And then comes the shaft. Sewage water messin' with our roll up... : (