How Spots Change

A little birdie told us about a new spot by a famous high school.

First off, eighteen stair. Any takers?

What's that bird chirping about in the background? Anyway, I'm now a proud father of my very first fifty foot back grind. :)

That damn bird never told us the new spot was skate stopped! Maybe I just wasn't listening...

So many possibilities, fenced off, crushed. Damn you Dylan.

Roy was so depressed about it he purposely subjected himself to the most uncomfortable position ever.

At least Phil was still able to have fun with it.

Roy blogumented this nice little Michael Leon ollie for me.

Only people crazy enough as Furby would jump over this.

Oh how spots change. Seven flat two, rest in peace.

Where seven flat two used to be. I'll never forget you switch flip...

The new and disproved ten to eight. Reconstructed to serve the handicapped. Rest in peace Burbank hubba.

At least the rail hasn't changed.

Golden hour at the last spot of the day.