Journey To The Ford Amphitheatre

Last Tuesday we went down to Hollywood for Jon Miner's newest masterpiece, "Stay Gold." Erwin had a brilliant idea of parking five miles away to save on parking. Out of our impatience we decided to just walk the damn journey instead of waiting for the free shuttle. Even though it was a thousand degrees out and five miles away it made for a memorable adventure. In the end the Emerica video blew everyone away and was definitely worth the journey. Westgate lived up to everyone's expectations with his high speed skating, Hsu kept it switch, up and comer Marquise Preston wooed everyone with his effortless style, Leo killed it gapping into handrails and skating up them like no big deal, and The Boss reminded us exactly why he's The Boss...

First we met up with Sergio and Mr. Ban to begin our journey.

Traffic is a bitch.

Thank God Erwin drove.

Roy gives us an example on how to "Dougie."

The journey then continued on foot.

Reflections of the 101 Freeway.

The sketchies rolled by yelling, "Stay Gold!"

Randomly encountered a deer.

Made it!

Everyone eagerly waiting to get in.

Ashaun was on the scene.

Marquee steez.

Steven somehow networked his way in with no ticket.

Filling in.

Earthless put on a show with their forty-five minute guitar solos.

Dead Meadow backed them up.

Sergio and Erwin preparing themselves for the ensuing madness.

Minutes away...

The final countdown.

Everyone left on a good note. No disappointments here.

Emerica do it big! Stay gold everyone...