Brain Wash

Tonight hundreds of others and me got happily brainwashed by bloodsucking skateboard company, Toy Machine.

The brain wash was offered earlier tonight only.

All of Toy Machine's loyal pawns attended The Gaslamp for the buck wildness.

All of these people, waiting in line to get brainwashed?!

Mr. Templeton spread the love to his puppets.

My minion ticket.

Loyal pawn number one, two, and three.

Found ourselves a nice little nook.

Trent McClung ready to get brainwashed.

All of those posters were gone by the end of the show.

Toy Machine about to set it off.

Not just the face of death, the beginning of Brain Wash

 And so it begins...

If you care for a review there's not much to write about and I'm pretty lazy to write at all. But I will say this... The video was short and sweet but mostly short. Leo surprisingly came through with a banging last part in compliments to his jaw dropping Stay Gold section. Daniel Lutheran had my favorite part. A hammering opener sprinkled with two brother Lutheran bangers. As a whole, I wish I could have seen more from Bennett, Marks, and Trapasso. It felt as though they were all meshed into a giant shared part. On a positive note, Provost is still putting in some good work and J.-Lay surely isn't taking those Vans checks for granted. Pay attention to Jordan Taylor as well. Even though I expected a bit more, Brain Wash made for an amazing Toy Machine promotion and wowed the masses of faithful moppets.