Pedro Pushers

Hopped over a couple bridges and paid a visit to Long Beach's little brother, San Pedro. Take a peek into the wildness from not too long ago...

A view of Long Beach from the San Pedro hills.

We made our way into a low key spot.

This was such a fun pool spot.

Everyone had to get their name up here.

I guess you skate into it but it was flooded so we moved onward.

Picture perfect?

Some Pedro locals showed us this sick flat bar.

The people at this spot hate us. Sadly we only got like five minutes here.

Even Johnny wouldn't buck to house of drops.

Picture perfect.

Then we cruised down to the Korean Bell.

Roman took a history lesson.

After that we went and explored Sunken City.

With lots of concrete and lots of Bondo, there could be lots of possibilities.

Hikers in search of something to skate.

Roman and Mikey on top of the world! Can't forget to give a shout out to Mr. Griego for his twenty-first birthday. Have a good one homie!