Over The Bridge

Took another trip over the bridge and hit up San Pedro.

"Everybody look at me 'cause I'm sailin' on a boat!"

Smaller rail.

Bigger rail.

"House of drops ain't for no fairies." -Ryan Hunter

Hello down there...

The perfect pick.

Fakie ollie.

There was random shit everywhere, including this dog skull.


Game over.

Barry the bear was disappointed in us.

I gotta give a huge thanks to Dan Muchnik for gettin' us some coverage up on Focus Skateboard Magazine! Somehow my tom foolery made the Sequence Saturday page. Thanks Dan! And big ups to Mike Piwowar for making the homepage today.

It's in the telescope, really. (Click image for sequence.)

And to end the day, Andrew Diaz showed us this fun little D.I.Y. spot.

Somebody's gotta take a photo of the photographer!

The friendship bell rung strong that day.