Business In Brea

Here's some blog coverage of our last mission up through Brea. First stop, La Habra Skatepark.

Started the day off here to work on our skatepark hero swag.

Next stop, Brea Skatepark. Met up with some more homies over here and worked on some more skatepark hero swag.

Gotta tip my hat to The Butcher for his ollie on this massive triple set. "I look at most things and think, okay, that's possible. I look at this thing and think, fucking impossible." -Nate Klein.

The man is not human.

Knowing full well we weren't touching that triple set, we decided to pay more attention to this, more welcoming gap.

Mikey fired up the session with this warm up ollie.

Alex was hyped on this bump to gap.

No one else was hyped on the bump to gap so we exchanged it for this bump to barrier.

Steven gots it.

Then we found this relatively untouched bank to ledge.

The skate stopper stopper Chris made the spot a little more skate-able.

Nate gots it.

Alex got broke so he found a good spot to chill. Get well soon homie. Derp!

After a pretty successful mission we called it a day then dipped out home.