Last night me and some good friends had the privilege of making the Habitat premiere for "Origin." Lots and lots of videos are dropping right now. It was nice saying what's up to all the homies and seeing some world class skateboarding go down. Overall the video showcased some good ass talent, stuck to its Habitat roots, and gave a good glimpse into what the company has accomplished for skateboarding in the past ten years.

Here we can see a hungry Marius Syvanen getting a boosty 5-0. You'll never believe what Silas pulled on that thing.

The Art Theatre of Long Beach hosted graciously. Surprised they still cater to skate heads after what happened at Toy Machine's, "Suffer The Joy" premiere.

Roy came through with his fresh line up.

So hyped for "The Social Network." Wait, no...

Not the crowd I was expecting.

We got there early enough for them money seats!

So good to finally see that symbolic Habitat snake for the third time.

As far as "Origin" goes, I'd say I was pretty happy with what everyone put out. It may have not been any Emerican "Stay Gold," but it was definitely a classic Habitat masterpiece. I'm glad they stuck with their original discipline on that one. I can easily say Austyn Gillette fired off the video right with a creative, wholesome opener part. Although Danny Garcia took it fairly easy and only had a small teaser part, Janoski came through hard and sold his signature switch flip like no other, not to mention those signature Nike's. Most of the amatuer team pulled through with good footage but I was a little disappointed to see Alex Davis pushed into a three person East coast part. I would expect more from a newly added no name. At least Mark Sucui lived up to his freshly acquired amatuer status. By the way, it's stupid how good the Habitat international team is. As soon as the video began to slow down I felt the pace quickly pick up when Guru Khalsa's name popped up on screen. The dude rips. Not in a jump off some stairs and skate a big handrail kind of way, but a more obscure, crispier way. Note the nollie gap to front crook fakie. Next up, my all time favorite since Inhabitants came through with an amazing ender part. I wouldn't expect any less from Silas Baxter-Neal yet at the same time I don't know how to expect any more from him. Something about that bow legged, fast-paced shredder never gets old to me. I want to say his part could have used a better last trick to end the video on but after some thought, I'd say that dude deserves last part regardless. He's got at least a dozen bangers throughout. I may have had a few issues with the formatting of the video, what with Garcia's part being in the opening and the ten year memory montage being in the end, but I won't hesitate by saying "Origin" is simply a must see. Go buy it!