Glendale Meets Griffith

Some highlight sessions from the past month. We went on some good missions to Glendale and Griffith during September. I can't believe it's already October. Time is flying too fast...

Mr. Olympic came through for the buck wildness. For the oldest dude on the crew he picked up a lot of the slack.

See what I mean? Most of Mikey will be seen sitting on his ass as apposed to riding on a skateboard...

This hubba means business. And no, Mikey didn't even bother to look at it...

Paid a visit to butters eight rail.

Baby Chris warmin' up on the baby eight rail.

Again, Mikey can be seen not skating. Just peep the expression on Ryan's face. I'm not the only disappointed one.

Needless to say Mikey redeemed himself at Griffith Park. Lots of good tricks went down at this fun spot. You can peep Mikey's buckness when the video drops. As for now, we'll let Nate do the talking...

He's got big plans.

This is just the start of Nate's tyranny over Griffith Park.

Homie almost caught his dome on that tree branch! Why you going so fast!?

Lil' Chris got his trick in too.

After which, Nate towed us to our car after a successful session. Good footage all around.

Ended the day with happy stomachs. Street food is the best food! Cheers homies.