Ledge Games

Here's some more pictures of productive times. Worked our way out towards Orange County a few weekends ago. Here's is a lil' look into our recent trip.

From the mouth of Roy Foner himself, "At least somebody loves him!"

Phil got trendy.

And he got techy. Good thing I was there to film it all.

Lil' Chris hitting the ledge backside. By the way, thanks to Mikey for those last two shots.

Josh hates the spots we go to now. You can see it in his face.

Mikey still passing the time as the other dudes try and stack lines.

Roy was so bored he resorted to pyromania.

The fire soon drew in the young one.

Next stop. Circle gap.

Lil' Chris took some harsh slams on this one.

You gotta pay to play.